Discover Bucharest

Bucharest City Tour

Once known as 'Little Paris', Bucharest is the capital of Romania, the country's center of cultural and economic life. Bucharest was first mentioned in a document in 1459, during the reign of Vlad the Impaler, who will later gain world fame as the inspiration for Dracula. Bucharest is a city of contrasts, the place where old meets new, where elegance blends with colorful life in the suburbs.

For any tourist discovering Bucharest, some of the top attractions on the list are The Arch of Triumph, the People's House (currently known as the Parliament Palace) and the Village Museum

The capital of Romania is also worth visiting for its museums, especially the Village Museum, an open-air exhibition near Herastrau Park, near the Arch of Triumph. Here you can admire some of the representative pieces of architecture and traditional craftsmanship from around the country, including the famed wooden churches of Maramures.

The Old Princely Court (Curtea Veche), the Old Princely Court (Curtea Veche), the Old Princely Court (Curtea Veche), the National Museum of Art, , with its delicate church painted in the XVIth century, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Cismigiu Gardens and Herastrau Park.

Local craftwork should not be missed: ceramics, glassworks, traditional fabrics and wooden sculptures and carvings. Another experience is a visit to the Sunday morning flea market, the bustling Talcioc, spread on the banks of the River Dambovita.

The capital's restaurants are lively places: grilled beef, chicken or pork are the foundation of many local dishes, followed by a delicious variety of pastries for dessert. Tease your appetite with a selection of Romanian wines and with plum brandy (tuica), the national drink.

You can still visit:

  • Old center of Bucharest

  • Square University

  • Parliament Palace

  • National Museum of History

  • Museum of the Jewish Community

  • National Art Museum

  • Teodor Aman Museum

  • Romanian Peasent Museum

  • National Military Museum

  • Geology Museum

  • Museum of Natural History Grigore Antipa

  • Press House

  • Sports Museum of Romania

  • Aviator Monument

  • Village Museum

  • Saint Joseph Cathedral

  • Royal Palace - National Art Museum

  • Communication Palace

  • Stirbei Palace

  • Cotroceni Palace and Museum

  • Astronomical Observatory Vasile Urseanu Amiral

  • Zoo

  • Opera House

  • The Beer Restaurant

  • Patriarchal Palace

  • George Enescu National Museum

  • Circus

  • National Library

  • Arc de Triomphe

  • Cantacuzino Palace

  • Patriarchal Cathedral (Mitropolia)