RIN Grand Hotel helps the environment!

The environment is the space in which we run all our activities to a normal yield, this comprising the soil, the air and water, the other living organisms, as well all the relationships that ensure a balance between all these elements.

Currently, human activities affect the health of the planet more than in any other time of our history. As issues such as global warming are becoming increasingly alarming, scientists, governments and industrial companies are stepping up efforts to do anything in this regard.

RIN Grand Hotel helps the environment by:

 Contributing consistently to cleaning up the Delta of Bucharest and its surroundings.
The Vacaresti Lake (also known as ?the Delta of Bucharest?) is an anthropogenic lake with an area of 189 ha, located right opposite to the RIN Grand Hotel. The main cause of pollution in the Delta can be laid on the garbage thrown away by careless people. Several years ago the employees of RIN Grand Hotel decided to clean up the area. Since that time they to this volunteer work every season. They do it for the species living there, for themselves and also because they want our guests to have a nice memory of Bucharest?s green landscape.

Electric vehicle charging station.
Starting from the 8th of October 2013, RIN Grand Hotel is the only hotel in Bucharest that has a charging station for electric cars.
This service is intended only for our guests and it is free of charge. We believe that by this way, we express our support for the sustainable development of the city.

Waste sorting activity.
Yellow, green and blue - differentiated refuse bins.
The benefits of collecting and sorting the waste consist in the saving of natural resources, recycling certain materials and reducing pollution. Yet, the biggest benefit of collecting and processing materials for recycling will be found undoubtedly in conserving energy and natural resources.

Contributing to recycling of cooking oil, cartons and paper
Waste from cooking oil harms the environment and human. It deposits within the walls of the sewage system, thus causing regular obstruction, bad smell, faster corrosion and it has negative influence on the operation of wastewater treatment plants, leading finally up to blocking and destruction of these.
Worldwide, Europe ranks first in the recycling of paper and cardboard, with a recycling rate of carton of 37% regarding population plus the economic entities.
The moment we accepted the challenge to join this field, we have assumed as well the responsibility to educate the RIN Hotels employees on collecting and recycling matters.

Using biodegradable, professional products for cleaning.
Healthier for people, healthier for nature. The use of organic and biodegradable cleaning products is a unitary concept, which keeps the environment clean by using resources from nature.
Products issued out of this process, have the quality of being "friendly" with nature, in which cycle they go back.

Using energy efficient lighting.
In just a few years, CFL?s (Compact Fluorescent Light) have been improved in form, functionality, efficiency and environmental impact.
An energy saving bulb contains a mixture of argon (a colorless and odorless gas), mercury-vapor and fluorescent powder of phosphor salts, all coating the inside of the tube.

Using the air conditioning.
The air conditioning systems are designed to maintain indoor thermal comfort by treatment processes such as ventilation, filtration, heating, cooling, humidification and drying, thus helping to protect the environment and work conditions.

Asking our guests to contribute to a better environment
The environment can be helped by the contribution of each of us, so we placed a message for our guests in every bathroom: ?The environment deserves your respect! You show respect for nature by reusing towels during your stay. Please, place the towels in the shower, if you want them changed. Thank you!

Eco Course Academy
140 employees have graduated from the Eco Academy organized by the European Ecological Initiative and RIN Grand Hotel.
They are the best ambassadors of our wish to contribute to a healthier environment. Any big improvement starts with understanding the issues and with small changes like: how much do we print, where we dispose our garbage, why to turn off the light and the water. A recycled PET bottle might not seem much, but consider 140 bottles x 52 weeks per year. We already have one truck of recycled waste. We learn together that every effort counts.