Hotel Accommodation Rules

Dear Guests,

We would like to offer you an unforgettable experience during your stay with RIN Grand Hotel. That is why we have established a series of principles and rules which we kindly ask you to observe both during and after your stay with us. This applies to all guests who implicitly acknowledge these rules once they checked in and they must respect them without limitations or reservations of any kind.

The Booking

The booking may be done directly on the website or at the e-mail address:
The reservations without guarantee will be held until 18.00 o’clock (local time) of the day of arrival and cancelled automatically after this time, provided the booking is guaranteed by a valid card at the date of the reservation or by a down payment. In case of not checking in, the hotel reserves the right to withhold the related amount for the first night and vacate the room for the remaining booking period.

Booking cancellation

Any cancellation of a booking will be forwarded in writing at the e-mail address: until 17.00 o’clock of the arrival day.


The RIN Grand Hotel has various prices, depending on the type of room you choose, availability, period, day, time interval and number of persons (more details on the booking page - here).
Arrival and departure

The check-in will be from 15.00 o’clock, with the identity card for recording into the hotel management system and for handing over the key to the reserved room.
Check-out will be before 12.00 o’clock.
In case the first day of the stay the room is requested before 15.00 o’clock, the request will be granted within availability limits by applying an early check-in fee of 20 Euro, VAT included (for the time interval 09.00 – 15.00) and 100% of the counter value of one night accommodation for a check-in earlier than 09.00 o’clock.
In case the last day of stay the room is vacated after 12.00 o’clock, an additional fee will be charged in amount of 20 Euro, VAT included (for the time interval 12.00 – 17.00) and 100% of the accommodation night for exceeding 17.00 o’clock.
The guests who vacate their rooms until 12.00 o’clock may leave their luggage at the front desk, in a dedicated area, for 24 hours without additional costs.
For the luggage left at the front desk for more than 24 hours there will be storage costs charged.
In case the guests leave their luggage in the room after the 12.00 o’clock check-out, they will be charged with an additional fee for using up the room, similar with the late check-out fee.
The above requests of the guests will be cleared out and granted to the extent of the hotel not having firm confirmations for such accommodation facilities.
A stay shorter than 24 hours will be charged as a whole day of stay.


The guests have been informed of the following rules and they undertake to observe them:
- do not damage the arrangements or the hotel property items, or the guests will pay the hotel the amount equal with the value of acquisition /arrangement of such damaged object and the manpower related to it;
- do not take goods from the RIN Grand Hotel at leaving;
- to keep silence so the other guests won’t be disturbed;
- do not use the towels or bed sheets for: wiping dyed hair, makeup removal, cleaning footwear, luggage, floor, etc. The towels will only be used for the body. Should there be identified towels or sheets damaged by the reckless use by the tourist, they will be charged as damage and will be paid by the liable tourist. Otherwise, the Hotel reserves its right to cancel the room reservation of the tourist and evict them without refunding the counter value of the paid services.
- do not enter without Hotel permission in other rooms or areas reserved only for the Hotel personnel;
- to notify about the persons coming to visit but not checked-in the RIN Grand Hotel; they should enter the hotel only based on legitimating and registration at the Hotel reception;
- do not leave the children unsupervised in any of the Hotel areas; any accident produced as a result of not supervising children inside the RIN Grand Hotel, will not be the liability of the hotel but of the persons accompanying the children and in charge with their supervision;
- to notify as soon as possible any malfunction of the apparatuses, installations or other technical/furniture unconformities from the endowment of the Hotel;
- any accident produced as a result of the improper use of the objects from the hotel’s property or as a result of inobservance of the afferent safety norms, will not be our responsibility.
- it is forbidden to prepare food and eat food in the room.
- it is forbidden to bring electrical consumption devices like microwaves ovens, heaters, radiators, boilers, etc., into the Hotel.
- after use and before exiting the room, remove the chargers of the electrical/electronic devices from the sockets (laptops, mobile phones, cameras, etc.)
- to notify as soon as possible any malfunction of the devices or installations from the Hotel;
- it is forbidden the access of guests in the kitchen or bar as well as the use of the apparels (computer, sound system, etc.) of the RIN Grand Hotel without the approval of the Hotel Management;
- it is utterly forbidden to bring into the Hotel arms, white weapons or eye-irritating sprays. According to the Romanian law the consumption or trading of narcotic or psychotropic substances are forbidden and punished;
- do not throw into the toilet objects that can damage the residues collection station;
- nudism or any forms of exhibitionism in the hotel are forbidden;
- the trash and house waste will be deposited in the waste baskets placed throughout the hotel;
- please contact urgently the reception in case you lost the room access card. For the release of a duplicate, the identification will be requested with an identity document;
- children with ages between 0-7 years will be accommodated free of charge if they will use the parents’ beds.
- for under two years old children the hotel may provide, if available, a small bed. Please inform us at the time of reservation if you should need a small bed for the child so we can honour your request, within availability limits.
- it is forbidden to bring into the hotel complex objects/goods with a persistent and deranging odour;
- it is forbidden to bring to the hotel/restaurant food or beverages from outside the hotel;
- parents, tutors or chaperons will be responsible for the actions of the minor children and they undertake to look after them to behave civilised and not disturb the hotel’s guests;
- please inform the reception personnel or the restaurant staff of any allergies or intolerance to any type of food;
- it is forbidden to run around or do sports in the lobby of the hotel or on the halls;
- please inform the reception of the RIN Grand Hotel about the used services and products consumed from the minibar in order to be charged accordingly. For the minibar available in every room, the included products cannot be retracted.

For additional requests during your stay you may use the following signs:
• “DO NOT DISTURB!” – your room will be entered only with your permission to check utilities and cleanness between 7.00 - 15.00 o’clock, at a time established by you and communicated to the hotel reception;
• “PLEASE RESTORE THE ROOM!“ – by this message you request your room to be cleaned.

Additional guests

You may entertain guests in your room, provided they are registered at the reception by filling in the accommodation form and pay the price differences.

Dress Code

RIN Grand Hotel does not have a special dress code; nevertheless, we recommend decency and respect towards both the other guests and the hotel personnel.
There will not be allowed in the restaurant, elevators and reception of the RIN Grand Hotel the persons dressed in robes, swim suits, shorts or flip-flops.
Access to the area of the swimming pool is only permitted in swim suits, clean flip-flops, robe and cap. The Body Art Wellness Club Regulation may be visited here.

Payment terms

Payments for the RIN Grand Hotel services can be made with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express), payments in cash (RON) or bank transfer.
In this latter case, please submit at check-in the payment order approved by the bank. The invoice will be issued upon its presentation.
Except for the previously concluded contracts, we inform you that payment or pre-authorisation of the card will be done fully at the moment of check-in.
In case payment will be made at the end of the stay, there will obligatorily be a card deposit or cash down payment for the period and accommodation services requested.
The payment of the RIN Grand Hotel services may be made by credit card, cash (RON) or by bank transfer.
In case of a bank transfer, the payment must be made in advance based on the pro forma invoice.
For the guests accommodated at the RIN Grand Hotel, clients of the Body Art Wellness Club, the payment of services may be made both at the reception of the Body Art Wellness Club, as well as at the reception of the hotel.

Gratifications and services costs

Gratification for the hotel personnel is decided by the guests.


Traditional smoking and electronic cigarettes are not allowed inside the RIN Grand Hotel, as per the law in force (Law 349/2002 modified and supplemented with Law 15/2016). RIN Grand Hotel has spaces arranged for smokers outside. We inform you that each room has smoke detectors that can detect cigarette smoke and trigger the fire alarm.
RIN Grand Hotel has only non-smoker rooms. In case of violation of the present regulation’s provisions, there will be charged a fee of 150 Euro/night (the value in RON will be calculated at the BNR exchange rate from the day of payment), representing the services for cleaning up the rooms.


The general rule does not allow accommodation in the hotel of persons with pets.
Airport/Hotel/Airport Transfer

RIN Grand Hotel offers paid services of transfers by vehicles, in shared or private system. These may be requested at the concierge/reception.

Breakfast, lunch and supper

Breakfast is served at the Boema restaurant, from the hotel’s ground floor, between the interval:
• 7.00 and 10.30 a.m. (Monday-Sunday)
You may invite anyone to accompany you at breakfast provided that they pay for it, observe the norms of conduct and be decently clad.
For the guests that are not accommodated at the hotel, breakfast costs 15 Euro/person.

Room Service

Room service is available upon request between the following hours:
• 12.00 and 22.00 p.m. (Monday to Sunday)

Parking lots and vehicles

RIN Grand Hotel has available for its guests over 684 parking spaces – above and underground, within availability limits. The parking lot is permanently monitored by video cameras.
Despite all the precaution measures taken, we are not to be held liable for any cases of theft or damages across our property. To avoid such incidents, do not leave valuable objects in your vehicles.
The regulations for parking may be visited here.

Safety of personal objects

RIN Grand Hotel has approved monitoring electronic systems of room access and safes opening.
We recommend the use of available safes in the rooms and at the reception for depositing valuables. We do not undertake any kind of liabilities for forgotten, lost or allegedly stolen object inside the RIN Grand Hotel premises.

Special assistance

Our wish is to provide the best conditions to persons with disabilities.
The majority of facilities in the hotel are accessible.
Should you need special assistance of any kind, please inform us in due time, so that we are able to offer you a pleasant stay with us.

Confidentiality of information

We will never use your name or other information about you without your prior approval to do that. You will have the opportunity to communicate us if you wish to get this information in the future.

Processing personal character data

Our company abides by the provisions of the EU Regulation no. 679/2016 (GDPR) with specific procedures. The briefing about processing personal character data can be found here.
Environment protection policy

The environmental protection is a permanent preoccupation with us, so we promote a responsible attitude in this sense.
The detergent used for washing and sterilizing bed sheets, towels, table cloths and robes are biodegradable and saving them implies a better preservation of the surrounding environment.
The bed sheets and towels are changed at two days of accommodation or at the client’s requests. To show us your wish to change sheets and towels please leave them on the floor or in the bath tub.
RIN Grand Hotel has a charging station for electric cars. This service is exclusively dedicated to our guests and it is free of charge. We consider that in this manner we express our support for the sustainable development of the city.

Disputes and complaints

We reserve the right to charge the cards of our guests, irrespective of their wishes, in at least three cases:
• For leaving the hotel without paying for the services of the RIN Grand Hotel they have benefited of;
• For causing degradations or damages;
• For leaving with objects that don’t belong to them and whose counter value they didn’t pay at the reception;
• For not cancelling in due term the reservation
RIN Grand Hotel undertakes to settle any complaint from the guests concerning the provided services, in due time, at site, from the moment of its submission. Any controversy, dispute or complaint that might appear after applying these terms and conditions, will be solved amicably. In case this is not possible, the case will be presented before the Bucharest law courts.

Guests’ Selection

The guests must abide by the hotel usances. They must respect both silence inside the hotel, restaurant and at the Body Art Wellness Club, as well as the social and moral social cohabitation.
Nevertheless, the guest of the RIN Grand Hotel must care for the hotel properties used during its accommodation with us. Any violation of the hotel practices or moral and social cohabitation norms gives the hotel the right to terminate immediately the contract/accommodation without further notification.
We reserve the right to deny accommodation, waiting on in the restaurant and access to the RIN Grand Hotel to guests under the influence of alcohol, rude or turbulent, who bring prejudice by their behaviour to the hotel’s image or disturb the other guests. The counter value of the possible destructions or damages to the material goods belonging to the RIN Grand Hotel will be covered by the culpable persons.
We reserve the right to evict from the hotel, restaurant or from the Body Art Wellness Club the guests with an inappropriate attitude.
Considering the above, we reserve the right to select our guests.
We do not tolerate: uncivilised or aggressive behaviour, obscene verbal or physical manifestations, inappropriate use of tone, insults, physical or sexual harassment or any physical or psychological abuse of a person, of the guests or of any person from the hotel team.
The hotel management may cease provision of services for the guests who do not observe the Hotel Stay regulations.

Alcoholic beverages

It is forbidden to bring and consume into the restaurant alcoholic beverages from outside without a prior consent from the management.
The restaurant reserves its right to stop serving the persons already drunk or who have previously had high alcoholic level of consumption and are becoming renitent.
Offered services
The guests accommodated at the RIN Grand Hotel benefit of a preferential offer of free and paid services. In case of paid services you may get additional information at the hotel reception.

Free Services

- Wireless Internet network (Wi-Fi & Wired)
- Safe for valuables (safe in the room)
- Wake up call
- Receiving and conveying messages
- Restaurant reservations services
- Parking facilities for outside guests

Paid services

- access to the Body Art Wellness Club, as per the regulation that can be read here
- transfer from the hotel to the airport or railway station
- room service
- minibar
- restaurant services (breakfast, lunch, supper)
- laundry or ironing services
- internal and long distance phone services
- sending and receiving correspondence
- internal and international courier services
- parking facilities for outside guests
- photo shoots/videos or interviews with prior approval (at least 48 hours before)
- printing diverse materials
- exposure of promoting materials with a prior approval (at least 48 hours before)

Protection in case of fire

Safety of guests is our number one priority that is why we have taken all measures of safety and protection in case of fire.
The room access doors and the doors to the eviction halls have been treated with fireproof substances, assuring a 30 minutes resistance to direct flames. There are also the smoke detectors from the rooms, the eviction plans or the hydrants and high capacity extinguishing devices in the halls of the hotel.
The fire alarm system is automatic and connected to the hotel dispatch office and to the guarding and intervention company. The attention to details has extended also to the eviction routes from the hotel which are signalled with luminous signs, supplied non-stop from own energy sources.
At hotel check-in you may request from the reception information about how to notify in time a fire and how to safely salvage oneself using the eviction routes.
After check-in please study the eviction plan in case of fire (it is displayed on the inside of the room doors) and the instructions established by hotel management.
There are identified eviction routes related to the position of the room and the manual buttons for signalling a fire on the floor.
In case the eviction routes are blocked or there are flammable products improperly placed on them you must inform the personnel from the reception.
The room key or card will be placed in easily accessible places.
You should check the window opening manner.
You should check the way to shut down the ventilation system in the room (during a fire the hotel room you are in may be filled with smoke and toxic gases if the respective installation is not shut down).
Do not resort to improvisations of the electric installation for powering the electrical receivers. If you observe deficiencies in this sense you should immediately call the reception of the hotel. Do not use unapproved personal electric appliances. Do not try to repair yourself any malfunctions or errors of the hotel devices.
Do not bring into the hotel inflammable substances, explosives or toxic waste.
Do not smoke in the rooms.
In case of fire the following rules will be considered:
- In case a fire started in the hotel, immediately leave the building following the instructions from the Eviction plan displayed or the instructions of the personnel on duty.
- If the fire started in the room, you must leave the premises immediately, push the signalling button and inform the reception personnel through the room phone or the phone in the hall of the hotel by direct dial to the reception.
- Do not return to take personal items with you.
- Use only the eviction stairs. Do not use elevators. They may get stuck.
- If the fire is in your own room, you must leave the room immediately if in safe mode. When you leave the room take the room key or card in case the fire blocks the eviction route and the user must return to the room.
- In order to check if there is also fire in the hall, you should check with the back of your palm the temperature of the correspondent door. If the door is cold, from a leaned position onto the floor, with the shoulder against the door you should try and open the room carefully. Cross the distance to the eviction stairs, in case the hall is filled with smoke, from a leaned position or crawling position, considering that the floor zone is less affected.
- In case the corridor or stairs are off limits due to smoke, you should stay in the room, keep the door closed and seal the margins with paratape or wet towels or sheets.
- You should call the emergency number 112 to communicate the position in the building. This must be signalled also from the room window.
- In case there is a fire eviction from isolated tourist facilities, the guests should take warm clothing with them.
Protection in case of earthquakes

For the protection during a violent earthquake, the following measures will be taken:
- Keep calm, do not panic and calm down the other family members (children, parents or impatient guests);
- Do not leave the room: you may be caught in the strong phase of the earth moving in halls, stairs or elevators, etc. Do not use by any means the elevators.
- If you are inside a room, hallway or restaurant – stay put – away from windows that might break, stay in the centre of the room or building, near a wall. You should seek protection under a beam, a solid door frame, desk, table or bench, from the room, hallway or hall, strong enough to protect you from the falling of lamps, furniture pieces, ornament plastering, etc.
- For eviction, after the end of the seismic movement, you should follow the instructions of the personnel on duty or of the rescuers. Use verbal or visual signals (for example shouting or waving a white cloth at the window) to let others know where you are in order to be evicted.

Final Clauses

We consider that any guest, at the moment they access any service offered by the RIN Grand Hotel (accommodation, restaurant, Body Art Wellness Club, events), has the real opportunity to be informed accordingly, in consequence it may be said that they have been aware of the above mentioned conditions accepting them in acquiescence.

Amending terms and conditions

Terms and conditions may be altered at any moment by the RIN Grand Hotel without any previous notification.
Thank you for understanding and we wish you a pleasant stay with the RIN Grand Hotel!

RIN Grand Hotel