Dear customers,
Your health is our main priority! For this reason, we inform you that we made the decision to close preventively Body Art Wellness Club starting tonight, 14.03.2020, 12 AM, until 31.03.2020, with the possibility of extending this period, depending on how the situation will develop.

The current memberships will be automatically extended with a number of days equal to the period mentioned above.

And, because sport boosts your immune system and because we wish you do not neglect it, we will be posting daily, on our Facebook and Instagram pages, 2 exercise routines that you can do at home.

Thank you for your understanding!
Dear customers,

Due to technical reasons, we inform you that between the 1st and 30th of April, Body Art Wellness Club will be closed during the night, between the hours of 12 AM and 6 AM.

Thank you for your understanding!

Relax your mind and body, live a positive life!

RIN Grand Hotel comes with a unique offer in Bucharest: Body Art Wellness Club, open 24 hours!

Now you can choose the exact time that suits you and enjoy a place equipped by the latest standards: gym, swimming pool of 180 sq/m, Jacuzzi, wet and dry sauna.

The first step to a healthy lifestyle is the decision to be responsible for yourself. Regular exercise helps you get a stronger body, manage better your daily stress, relax your mind and give more efficiency. 
During the Easter holiday, Body Art Wellness Club will run according to the following schedule:
SATURDAY, April 18th, 2 PM

TUESDAY, April 21st, 8 AM

Happy Easter!

At our Body Art Wellness Club you find the best equipment for relaxing and body toning from the beginners to advanced level. All these are chosen by professionals with expertise in medical and sports performance.

The 20x9m swimming pool with a unique design is your no. 1 ally for your invigoration. For body toning, you have the fitness room or you can register for spinning and aerobics classes. Finally you can enjoy a few minutes of sauna or a massage session.

Find more details about the art of relaxation and toning on

As our guest to RIN Grand Hotel, if you book online, we offer you the best deal in the city: free access to the fitness area, indoor swimming pool and sauna in the Body Art Wellness Club. 

If you are in Bucharest and choose to come to our Body Art Wellness Club, we invite you to use our other services: parking available, station for recharging electric cars and, if time is an issue, then feel free to plan your business meetings in the RIN Grand Hotel.

Your guests will love our restaurant menu, then you can remain at the Wellness Club for a revitalization session.

Remember, we are the only in Bucharest open 24/7, so there is no need to postpone for another time.

For information, call +40 311 061 111 or write to us at: